Topscore K53 Learner's & Driver's Test Success - Everything you need to pass your K53 Learner's & Driver's tests!

Drivers Licence Test

Prepare for the K53 Drivers Licence Test with the Topscore CD System

Prepare for the K53 drivers licence test with the usage of the Topscore K53 interactive CD-based system. It includes the learner and driver tests, questions, progress analysis tools and interactive video clips, animations, and colour illustrations.

Prepare with Questions

Learn how the drivers licence test is conducted and how they will score you. This will help you focus on the important aspects of the test. Learn the pre-trip inspection requirements and the order in which you need to do the checks. The CD includes the complete set of defensive driving procedures as well as the road test and yard procedures with detail explanations. We have also included animations to show you the various sequences. Whether you will need to pass a vehicle or motorcycle test, you will appreciate the information contained on the CD and will find the instruction method to be excellent.

Not only will you be able to prepare for your learners and drivers licence tests, but will gain the benefit of having excerpts of the National Road Traffic Act at hand as well as information on how to identify potential hazards early. The Hazard Awareness Skills section includes instructive fun video challenges with clips showing real life driving situations. Become a safer road user by learning how to observe and act in advance to avoid or overcome hazardous road situations.

We have added an additional section with items which are essential for the beginner driver such as the untold rules about right of way, guiding rules for safe road usage, buying, insuring and maintaining your vehicle and more.

The CD contains:

  1. Learners licence test
  2. K53 driving licence test
  3. Hazardous awareness skills
  4. Additional essential material
  5. Two L-lines in the Deluxe Plus package

The content is updated every year and as such we recommend buying the latest version to ensure full preparation with up to date information regarding the newest tests. All you need to know and prepare for your learners and drivers licence test is included. The manner in which the content is structured will help you focus on the section you need to use.

You can measure your progress and revisit sections with which you struggled. You thus learn at your own pace and get ample opportunity to test your knowledge in a manner similar to the test you will be taking for your drivers licence. Get the guide today and start preparing to pass the test with your first attempt.