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Drivers Licence South Africa

Help with the K53 Drivers Licence in South Africa

The K53 drivers licence in South Africa allows the holder thereof the right to drive a motorcycle or motor in the class indicated on the licence issued by the licensing authority. Where restrictions, such as driving with contact lenses or glasses apply, the driver must comply as the license is only valid in compliance with any restrictions.

K53 Drivers Licence Test in South Africa

The K53 test will assess you on the K53 method of driving. Note that it focuses on defensive driving methods. Many applicants fail on observation techniques used and it is thus imperative to not only being able to perform all the manoeuvres tested on, but also to correctly apply observing methods throughout.

Prepare for the Assessment

It is imperative to use visual learning materials such as available from Topscore to help you prepare for the practical test in addition to the learners test. You will also benefit from professional driving lessons and a lot of practice.


The test will assess your ability to handle the vehicle safely and in a competent manner. It furthermore tests your understanding and obedience to the various signals, markings, signs, and rules. If you fail to apply the defensive driving methods, you will also fail the assessment. The fourth aspect that you will be tested on entails handling of traffic situations, making it essential to get professional driver lessons and to drive regularly as to build confidence and experience in handling difficult traffic situations.


Note that you must switch off your cellphone and may not smoke during the test. In addition, you must wear your safety belt during the road test. If you get tested in an automatic vehicle, your licence will be restricted to operation of an automatic vehicle. If you are tested using a manual gear vehicle your licence will be valid for both manual and automatic types. Rather learn to drive using the manual transmission type of vehicle as to avoid restrictions in choice of vehicle later on in your life.

You will be tested on specific aspects for a motorcycle or motor according to the list provided in the Topscore K53 learner material. Note that for a motorcycle the assessor will not be your passenger.

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