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K53 Driving

K53 Driving Test Preparation Kit

We offer you a fully comprehensive K53 driving test preparation kit. The software includes the information and test preparations for the K53 learners test, drivers test, hazardous skills awareness program, extra elements such as buying and insuring a vehicle, and much more.

The Essentials Edition can be downloaded from Topscore or can be purchased from Topscore direct (when buying more than one copy) or from online retailers such as Takealot.

Some of the information about K53 driving and the test are briefly shared below to give you an indication of what you will need to know to pass the test successfully. Our package includes all the test procedures, scoring methods, animations, full colour illustrations, videos, tests, answers and excerpts from the National Road Traffic Act.

Purpose of the K53 Test

It is a practical driving test with the purpose of determining whether you have the minimum required skills to operate a motor vehicle or motorcycle. Your proficiency in obeying of traffic rules and surface markings as well as road signs and signals is tested. In addition, you will be tested for coping with traffic problems on the road, correct observing and handling of the vehicle. For the purpose of the test you may not drive a light motor vehicle that is shorter than the minimum requirement of three metres in length and may also not use your cell phone during the test.

What Does the Vehicle Test Cover?

For light motor vehicle test you need to prepare for several elements of testing. The pre-trip inspection is done to check whether the vehicle is roadworthy. It is followed by the yard test where your basic manoeuvring skills will be tested including the starting of the engine, pulling away in a controlled manner, making a U-turn, docking the vehicle, and backing up into an alley as well as driving out again.

You will also be tested for parallel parking, doing a controlled stop and pulling away at an incline before you will proceed to the road test. Note that you must complete the yard test within the allotted time and only if the testing officer deems your skills to be adequate will you be allowed to proceed with the road test.

The road test is done on a public road and includes testing for obeying of road and traffic signs and signals, changing of lanes, speed control, turning at intersections, stopping before the road indicators, handling a traffic circle and doing an emergency stop. Many more aspects are tested which you will learn about in our K53 driving package.