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K53 Test

Help with the K53 Test for Learners in South Africa

Prepare for the K53 test whether it is for the learners or drivers through the Topscore package that contains animated illustrations, video based assistance, questions and answers, tips, and information on defensive driving. You can find more information about the package at our home page and can download the Essentials Edition. We have shared a few tips regarding the K53 test for learners below.


Prepare well for the test as you will not want to waste time in writing and then having to re-apply and write again. In addition, failure will mean that you will have to wait longer before you can start with driver lessons and of course, you will waste money.

Practice what you learn while being a passenger in a vehicle. Note the various road and surface signs and use the Topscore material to assess your knowledge. Do as many mock tests as available in our package as you can. The Topscore package includes progress reporting to help assess whether you are ready to write the test.

Not Everyone Can Write

You may be disqualified from getting a learners licence for several reasons, which are stated in our package. If you have for instance, been disqualified from driving a vehicle by a court or if you have a medical condition stipulated by law to disqualify you from driving, you may not obtain a learners licence. One such a condition is uncontrolled epilepsy. You may also not get the learners licence should you be addicted to any form of drug which is known for narcotic effects or alcohol.

Minimum Age

You must be the minimum age allowed for by law regarding the specific class of vehicle. For a motorcycle of not exceeding 125 cc you must be 16 years old, for a motor vehicle not exceeding 3500 kg you must be 17 years old and for a vehicle exceeding 3500 kg in gross weight you must be 18 years old. The same applies for a motorcycle exceeding 125 cc in engine capacity.


The assessment consists of several questions and answers. You must select the right answer on each question.  The examiner will explain the procedures and which sections you must answer according to the class of vehicle for which you want to obtain the learners licence.  If you are unsure about the section you need to complete ask the examiner again.

For rules of the road you will need a pass percentage of 79%; for road signs, markings & signals you must have a pass rate of 82% and for controls of the vehicle you must have a pass percentage of 75% or higher.

More information on the test and exact explanations are available as part of the Topscore package. Review information about the package and order your package today or download a free trial copy to start immediately.