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Learners Licence Test

Passing Your Learners License Test Easily

It’s common knowledge that every new driver needs to first pass their learners license test before the big test. Now although one might think that this should be easy enough, some South Africans have found it to be more challenging than they anticipated. Luckily, however, with the help of a sophisticated and effective system, you will significantly increase your chances for success.

One of the main reasons for this test is to learn how to properly read all the road signs, thereby increasing the overall safety on our roads. The amount of rules and guidelines to follow is quite a bit, however, which is why some people feel somewhat overwhelmed when preparing for their exam. These theory tests are specifically formulated to test your knowledge on various aspects of driving on our roads, and upon successfully achieving a passing score, you can move on and book your drivers license test.

The K53 Learners and Drivers Test Success study aid from Topscore is the ideal product to help you pass your tests easily and effortlessly. With more than 1,000 practice questions and generous resources, this top quality study aid is aimed specifically at students preparing for their learners license test.

Whether you are driving a vehicle or motorcycle, this comprehensive study guide will teach you everything you need to know to achieve a successful passing grade. It’s a wonderful way to prepare for your theory and practical tests and you can practice with the questions and scenarios included in the package.

There are two different versions of this program. Students can purchase the complete copy on a CD or choose to buy the Essentials Edition, which excludes the Hazard Awareness video clips. With the complete copy, students can benefit from a one hour trial version to learn the ropes and become familiar with the software, before purchasing the full program.

Driving school instructors may qualify for bulk buying discounts and this is a wonderful tool to offer your students; they can benefit from the system while taking practical driving tests with you and your company. This will put your students a step ahead as they will know exactly what to expect on the day of their test and be completely prepared and more relaxed than others. Having access to this software will take the guesswork out of the tests and allow you to be confident and prepared.

The K53 Learners & Drivers Test Success program from Topscore is ideal for students aiming at passing both their driving tests the first time round, while benefitting from top quality content and expert guidance.