Topscore K53 Learner's & Driver's Test Success - Everything you need to pass your K53 Learner's & Driver's tests!

Learners Licence

Prepare for the K53 Learners Licence with the Topscore Interactive CD

Pass your learners licence the first time by being fully prepared. We offer you a fully interactive learning system that is exceptionally comprehensive, yet easy to use and spot on when it comes to the K53 Learners and Driver’s tests. The system comes complete with a free Hazard Awareness part to help you become a more competent and safer road user.

Expert Compiled

The K53 Learners Test Success has been compiled by some of the best learner licence experts in South Africa. We have made use of the best UK learner driver software developers to ensure that you will be able to learn faster and more efficient.

Complete Information

One of the main reasons for failure of learners licence tests is that of inadequate information. How often do you hear people say they only failed one section because they didn’t have the information when they studied? It doesn’t have to be you. With the system available from us, you will have all the information available and will also have the K53 procedures explained with supported vide and animations.

With as many as 30 interactive video clips, you will be able to test your skills and ensure that you become a safe road user. The Topscore compact disc-based system covers every important aspect of the learners licence and also the K53 Driver’s test.

The CD covers elements such as how the test will be marked and what will be seen as important. It also includes all the information needed for preparing for the test in addition to full explanation of the rules and road signs with supportive colour illustrations. This will help you prepare even for the trick questions.

National Road Traffic Act

The CD furthermore includes excerpts from the National Road Traffic Act, which you will find rather useful not only for preparation purposes, but also after having passed the learner and driver tests. As a road user you will appreciate having the essential information regarding the Act on hand.

Interactive Content

We know it is important to test your knowledge before the big day and for such we have included interactive tests from a bank of more than 1000 questions. Fortunately the questions also come with hints and eventually the answers. You can complete as many practice tests as you need and can track your performance with an analysis of your progress.

You will be able to determine the questions already seen and also determine whether you are ready to take the exam. What makes the package an even better investment is the allowance for up to four users. With such, you and your friends can study together and pass the learners test with flying colours. Watch our online demo and purchase your copy today.