Topscore K53 Learner's & Driver's Test Success - Everything you need to pass your K53 Learner's & Driver's tests!

Online Learners Test

Online Learners Test Preparation and Trial

We enable you to review the online learners test by offering you the opportunity to view our demo before you buy or to download a free trial and install it to your computer. This will enable you to use the program for one hour and get a feel for how it works.

Visit our online learners test page and download your free trial copy now or buy direct and get the opportunity to study for and pass the K53 learners test on your first attempt.

Get Complete Information

One of the reasons why so many fail the tests is inadequate information. Even with guides available from shops around the country, people don’t get the opportunity to fully prepare for the tests because the manual versions are limited in the sense of interactivity.

Progress Tracking

Our CD-based system allows for progress tracking and you can even ask the software whether you are ready to write the test. With a full audit trail available of the questions you have already seen you will be able to focus on questions not yet reviewed, ensuring that you will prepare all questions.

How the Tests Are Scored

We provide you with information on how the tests will be conducted and you will be scored. In addition, you will have access to colourful illustrations, video clips, and test banks to help you prepare in the best possible way.

Considering the time it takes to make the appointment and then also having to write the test, you will not want to fail. If you fail you have to repeat the whole process and it takes time. In many instances, people simply give up and only after two or three years try again. Don’t let this be you. Prepare well with our fully interactive CD-based instruction.

We have placed some of the questions online allowing for download of the software specifically to give you an indication of how easy it is to learn for the learners and drivers test with our system. The content is updated annually and we thus recommend that you buy our latest version as advertised at our site. Don’t risk working with outdated materials. With the CD system you can be assured that all the information will be relevant and up to date.

Everything You Need

Each CD includes the complete learners and drivers test preparation, questions and challenges, video clips, and guidelines. In addition, you get the Hazardous Awareness Skills set which can be used to become an alert and safe driver. We have also included excerpts of the National Road Traffic Act, which will be helpful throughout your driving career. With the Plus Deluxe edition you will also get two removable L-signs needed when learning to drive. It is placed in the rear window to notify others that a learner driver is driving.

Apart from the above, we have also included essential extras regarding insurance, maintenance, vehicle purchasing and more. Whether you buy this for yourself, a friend or your child you will appreciate the ease of use, comprehensiveness of the information and interactivity provided. Up to four users can be registered on each system. Click the online learners test trial option to have it downloaded to your computer now.