Topscore K53 Learner's & Driver's Test Success - Everything you need to pass your K53 Learner's & Driver's tests!

K53 Learners Mock Test

K53 Learners Mock Test and Available for Download

Topscore offers you the opportunity to prepare for and do the K53 learners mock test. You can download the Essentials Edition immediately and install it on your computer. It will give you the opportunity to study for the K53 learner’s mock test or complete it and test your skills.

Get the Full Package

Should you be interested in the full copy with its comprehensive features after having completed the K53 learner’s mock test you can simply purchase it from Topscore direct (when buying more than one copy) or from online retailers such as Takealot.


The package is comprehensive and includes various tests from a test bank with over 1000 questions, which come with hints. You can also see the correct answers and retest until you are satisfied with the outcomes. With full progress reporting, you will be able to determine whether you have prepared well enough to pass the test the first time around.

The content includes everything you need to know to pass your learners test for a light motor vehicle or a motorcycle. Videos, animations and full colour instructions in addition to explanations ensure that you will be able to learn fast and enjoy the process of learning. We have not only included the essential information, but also information regarding the testing procedure, scoring, the National Road Traffic Act, Hazard Awareness as well as extra elements such as the buying, insuring and maintaining of the vehicle.

Driver Test

In addition to the K53 learners mock tests you will also find comprehensive information about the drivers test, instructions, scoring methods and full explanations of all procedures. This will help you to also prepare for the drivers test once you have passed the learners test.

Up to Date

The content is updated on an annual basis ensuring that you will learn the latest rules and procedures. We have partnered with the best UK learner test software developers and top South Africa learner test experts to ensure highly accurate information, easy to follow instructions, and stunningly precise K53 learner mock tests.


The additional features section is about rules of right of way not covered by the requirements for learner testing, full guidelines about safe driving, vehicle maintenance and financial aspects regarding the purchasing and owning of a vehicle. The Hazard Awareness Skills section helps to prepare you for the unforeseen road conditions and also teaches you to become an observant and pro-active driver rather than a driver that only reacts. This will help you become a safer driver.

With full videos and illustrations you will enjoy studying for the learner test and build the necessary confidence to become a skilled road user. Considering the cost of test failure in terms of money, time, and embarrassment and having to make another appointment, you must agree that it is worth doing right the first time around. We make it possible and invite you to test your skills with the K53 learners mock test now.