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Learners Licence South Africa

FAQ Learners Licence South Africa

Some of the frequently asked questions about applying for a learners licence in South Africa are briefly answered below.

At what age can one apply for a licence?

The K53 learners licence for South Africa can be written once you are 17 years of age and if it is for a Code 2 motor vehicle. It is currently valid for 24 months.

For a Code 1 in South Africa, you must be at least 16 years of age when you apply for a learners licence for a motorcycle with an engine capacity that is 125 cc or smaller. For motorcycles with engine capacities exceeding 125 cc, you must be at least 16 years old when you apply for the learners licence.

Code 3 applies to a vehicle that has a weight more than 3500 kg and you need to be 18 when you apply.

Can you drive the motor vehicle without supervision?

No, you may only drive a motor vehicle under supervision of a person with a valid South African driver’s licence and where a permit is required for driving the vehicle, the supervising person must also have a permit to drive it.  

Can the period for the learners licence be extended?

No, the maximum period cannot be extended and you have to apply again should you fail to write the test during the allowable period.

What should you take with when applying?

You will apply for testing at the nearest testing centre. For application you will need to take with your ID book and two ID photos that are identical in addition to the required booking fee. You will need to undergo a basic eye test and may take a certificate from a professional optometrist with to indicate that you have completed one recently.

What is the procedure at the testing centre for application?

Depending on the specific centre, you will complete and application form LL1 and will undergo the eye test. Once completed, you will be asked to pay the booking fee and will receive a receipt stating the date and time as well as the learners for which you apply to write. People over the age of 65 must complete the Medical Certificate available from the testing centre. Remember to also take your own black pen with on the date you apply to ensure that you don’t have to wait for others to complete their application forms before you can because of the potential lack of pens at the centre.

What should you take with on the day of the test?

You must take the booking receipt, your ID, and money with to pay for the issuing of the learners licence. Although most centres provide pens, pencils, and erasers, it is a good idea to take a black pen, pencil and eraser with on the day of testing as some of the centres may not be well equipped.

When is the learners licence issued?

The learners licence is issued directly after you have passed the written test and have paid the issuing fee.

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